The impact of technology

The installation sector plays a key role in keeping the Netherlands prosperous and healthy. The energy transition, circular economy, urbanization, digitization are all developments with far-reaching consequences for the way we live and work.

The Innovation Committee of Techniek Nederland studies and explores future trends and developments, so that the sector can respond to them in time. Techniek Nederland does this in close coordination with the other knowledge organizations in the installation sector, namely Wij Techniek, ISSO and TVVL.

Previous studies were published in 2004 and 2010, under the name Radar. In 2018 the third study into the future outlook for the Netherlands and the installation sector was published: CONNECT2025.

CONNECT2025 is intended as a guideline and inspiration for

  • our own industry
  • politics
  • government
  • education and science
  • customers

as well as for clients and partners in sectors such as

  • construction
  • industry
  • energy
  • infrastructure
  • mobility and care

The Techathons that Techniek Nederland organized in 2019, 2021 and 2022 fit in seamlessly with the studies CONNECT2025. SCENARIO2040, CONNECT2030. During the Techathon, companies work together with students with CONNECT2025 SCENARIO2040, CONNECT2030. The themes of the Techathons fit perfectly within the major social developments in which the technical sector plays a crucial role. The chosen approach, with teams of companies working together with students, reflects the great importance of collaboration between business and education to find solutions to the major challenges we face.

In short, the Techathon is exactly what CONNECT2025, SCENARIO2040 and CONNECT2030 stand for!

The scenario study SCENARIO2040 was initially published in February 2020 by Techniek Nederland, Wij Techniek, ISSO and TVVL. The study which is still running, develops future visions using ideas from both experts and stakeholders, as well as society. The scenarios outline possible future visions of society in 2040 and the technical sector’s role.

SCENARIO2040 forms a basis for discussion within and between:

  • technical sector companies
  • government agencies
  • trade associations
  • educational bodies
  • chain partners

CONNECT2030 is the fourth study into the future outlook. To gain and maintain an overview of the most important developments for the Netherlands and the technical sector on the way to 2030, Techniek Nederland, Wij Techniek, ISSO and TVVL conducted a new future outlook study. From June 2021 to July 2022, TNO and Panteia conducted a study on behalf of the technical sector, supplemented and supported by a team of experts from the sector itself. CONNECT2030 is published in September 2022.

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